About Us

Whatever we do, we do right

Wind down andrev upat LBA.

Leave behind the stresses of work, school, and everything in between. Switch modes, get into the gear and throw yourself into a great game.


After school, yeshiva, kollel, or the office; wherever you put in your 9-5, you could definitely do with a physically stimulating and refreshing break every so often.

LBA is that – plus more.

LBA games give you an invigorating outlet, generating a healthy dose of competition, fierce team spirit and plenty of camaraderie.

Join a team

Lakewood Loves LBA


Chinuch Partners

We’re on the same page

We work with local schools & yeshivos, and carry through a focus on Middos and Derech Eretz, awarding outstanding Middos with the Avery & Jay’s reward cards.



Bringing local business into the limelight

It’s a win-win arrangement. Local businesses sponsor LBA teams, providing a positive outlet where our community thrives. Sponsors get high-level exposure for their business, bringing in customers in droves.


LBA Special

A special part of the league

No favorites of course. But if we could choose a favorite team, it would be LBA Special- an exclusive team for children with special needs to learn skills, play hard and feel part of LBA.


We take our game seriously.

Run like a national sports league, LBA provides a sporting experience that is highly competitive, enjoyable and organized.


Play in the Perfect Place

using high-end equipment in state-of-the-art gyms.

Play for the Team

in organized playoffs that lead up to final championships.

Play with Pride

sporting branded jerseys, bags, and baseball caps.

Play Like a Pro

with professional coaching that teaches you the rules you need to know to play right.

Play it Up

with weekly scores & standings published for LBA fans to pore over.

Play Till the End

with team and individual trophies for the season’s winners.
The Guy behind it all

Meet the dynamic founder of LBA Leagues,Shimon friedman

“In the summer of 2017, I got permission to use the gym at Yeshivas Mayan HaTorah and got a bunch of guys together to play a few games. I was surprised at how many more wanted to join and before I knew it, I had 35 men, forming six teams, signed up for a full season. By the time the second season hit off, I’d roped in some sponsors and with their support, lots of Siyatta Dishmaya, and the organic demand, we’ve been constantly expanding since.

I can see how much of a need there is for this kind of outlet; it’s great for both kids and adults to have a positive environment to channel their energy into. My ultimate goal is that everyone who comes into contact with LBA should be positively impacted- players, fans, sponsors and the community as a whole.”


We are Passionate

Our players give every game their all, and we do too. We do everything we can to ensure every participant thrives at LBA, with a focus on modeling team skills and Middos, especially in our ‘littlest’ leagues.

We are Principled

Our players & sponsors span the full gamut of the Lakewood Jewish community and our guidelines reflect that. We are in close contact with the esteemed posek, R’ Moshe Zev Feldman, consulting with him on any questions or concerns that arise.