Play well. Play hard. Team up and knock it out of the park.

LBA for teens offers an active outlet for competitive sport, team-building and skills mastery. Within the full yeshiva routine, having organized kosher sports scheduled into the week is just what you need to unwind and recharge. Our teen players improve in sports they’ve been playing for years past, while gaining self-confidence that they carry with them into their futures.

This is what
serious sport
looks like

“I love playing basketball with LBA- it’s geshmak to play with organized teams and a professional ref. Every game is a good one, whether or not we win.”

“I had a great time this season! Over the season we built ourselves into a strong team and the play-offs were awesome!”

“I come back from every game wiped out but always in a good mood. The coaches are great at helping us perfect our skills and keeping everything fair, and the atmosphere is always positive although we are competing.”

“The feeling of winning the end-of-season trophy was unbelievable! Everyone was so happy for us, the refs, everyone watching and even the other team.

Looking forward to next season!”