Winning On All Fronts

The highlight of the week for hundreds of kids, LBA games are loved by participants and their families and fans. Games take place once a week, followed by eagerly awaited league scores and standings published in The Voice of Lakewood magazine.

Mastering Skills

With coaching, encouragement and practice


Building Middos

With role model coaches guiding teamwork and sensitivity


Gaining Confidence

With positive feedback and rewarding competition


Having Fun

With contagious team spirit and friendship opportunities

“Just wanted to let you know that my son is so happy, and he learned so much! He has been teaching some neighbors how to play now…”

“My son on Team Paradigm has been having an amazing time at Lba! He is excited each week, gained confidence in his sports abilities and he’s been getting a healthy dose of physical activity! Win win all around– thank you!

“ I went to my son’s game last night and I was so impressed– 2 people per team to ensure its success! (not including the gym manager). I saw the referee telling one of the better players on the team that he can’t just back-and-forth with just the good kids… and I was especially blown away by the guy that kept running  back- and- forth as the team ran, shouting pointers and strategies and words of encouragement. I haven’t seen that before this season and as usual, I am very impressed.”

“Just wanted to extend our sincere appreciation for a great LBA season which our son enjoyed immensely. Everything was run so professionally and organized and it was a great outlet for him every Sunday!

Thanks for all your hard work, and looking forward to another great season next year IYH!”

“Thank you for such a wonderful season! My son had an absolutely amazing time! It was really an overall great experience. The tiros and sweater was a nice added bonus. Thanks for what you do and looking forward to next year iy’H!

“My son really enjoyed the season! He went to sleep with his trophy by his bed!! We really appreciate all the time and effort you put into making it as professional as possible. Thank you!

“I have three boys in the leagues and just wanted to tell you what a positive experience the first week was. The gym was organized with the boys’ jerseys and the atmosphere was so exciting. They all had such a great time. The manager of the gym was unbelievable and all the staff was amazing as well!

Looking forward to a great season.”

“Thank you for the most wonderful season. Both my boys had the time of their life and looked forward to Sundays for their games. I appreciated very much how organized the leagues are run and mostly on how the emphasis was not on the competition as much as the skill and enjoyment of playing basketball. Hashem should bentch you with much continued Hatzlocha in all your different league ventures!”

My son’s coach has a billion-dollar middos. He utilizes his leadership skills to show the boys how important middos is over winning or losing. He genuinely gives his best efforts to pitch perfect pitches for both teams. He defuses every passive or aggressive comment thrown at him from boys (and adults-c’mon parents), he never argues with people publicly  and he manages people exceptionally. My son will forget if he won or lost. But he knows what a true baal middos is on the field.”

“Thank you so much for such a great season! My son really enjoyed it. I finally got to watch yesterday and I was really impressed. The boys really respected each other and listened to the refs. I’m proud my son was part of the Kiddush Hashem. Looking forward to the next season!”

“Hi, I just wanted to thank you for being so on top of everything! It’s really special how you look out for each kid!”

“Thanks for the most amazing second season in a row!! My son just asked me if he can go for a third season. He loves LBA and learned so much from joining. You guys are the best! This has been the highlight of his week every week!”

“My wife said the coaches today were excellent. Very impressed how you spoke to the kids and encouraged them. Thank you!”

“LBA really gave my son confidence to play basketball. He now plays with friends at home whereas before he would never think of going to play. It was such a great experience overall and the coach that they had the last bunch of games was amazing!! We look forward to baseball.”

“I just wanted to thank you for another great season! Both my boys enjoyed themselves so much. My younger son, who I was more worried about, had a blast. Not only did he play, but his teammates were so encouraging and had excellent middos. I was more impressed with the teamwork than anything. Thank you for the fun, and the great middos that were learned.”


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